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College Care Club Story


Soon after graduation, I moved from Alabama to Dallas, TX to work for Texas Instruments in Business Operations. Everything was great – a southern girl in a big city just living her dream. Being in the south, the love of sports is nothing new in Texas. As a daily sport’s viewer and show listener, one could arguably consider me quite the sports enthusiast (or analyst if you ask me), and my collegiate spirit never skipped a beat. Every Friday at work everyone would sport their alma mater and/or favorite team re-emerging that nostalgic feeling every week. Every chance I got, I would join the company’s recruiting team just to get a chance to connect with collegiate students across the U.S. This minimized my nostalgia until I realized how limited my collegiate collection was. I would search online for items but wished I didn’t have to always look for unique items to buy or wait until I went back to the campus to get more.


Randomly, one day after seeing other subscription boxes, I was immediately inspired as I realized there were likely many others like me and I had a real opportunity to bring collegiate spirit to the doorsteps to alumni/fans like myself as well as feed my passion of helping collegiate students all over through College Care Club. From here birthed College Care Club with a distinct opportunity to help parents connect with their students through a unique care package and keep graduates connected to a love that would never die.

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